Tuesday, May 10, 2011


There's not much that you can say about Google--the search site is that efficient. You only have this very big search bar at its center and a few options above that will help you make your search more thoroughly.

The design is brilliant in its simplicity, since it will hardly have the user confused on what he/she has to do by not throwing and overabundance of information. The user doesn't feel drowned with information, he/she simply looks at it and knows exactly if not almost instantly what to do with it.       

Once you have your subject, all you have to do is type it to begin your search. The search results are extremely organized and easy to handle. It just makes sense. 


  1. When I write this blog such as environment, I always find the desired resourceson Google.You really help a lot!

  2. Translate this please...

    Hola, pues yo no se el por que el cambio ahora de Google,
    sino pones google.com/webhp?hl=es&tab=ww no podes entrar,
    que quiere decir¿???
    Que hay robots en cada maquina que se mete al sitio google a buscar informacion

    1. Hello, since I do not why the change now Google,
      but put google.com / webhp? hl = en & tab = ww can not enter,
      which means????
      What about robots in each machine that gets google to search the site

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    1. If we are talking about the environment... I don't think any of us know exactly how good we have it right now. I mean we are living in a time that will be in history books for many generations till Allah takes us home. So peace for everyone and peace be with any and all religions you may be.